TIS-100 Hacker's Guide

Lua Style

When writing puzzles in Lua, you may wish to mirror the style used by the official levels.

Input and Output Names

Inputs always begin with "IN" and outputs always begin with "OUT". If there is only one of an input or output, that is the entire name. If there are more than one a single period followed by a single letter or digit is appended. If the difference between the inputs are meaningless (for example, commutative operations like addition or multiplication), they are "A" and "B" (for example, "IN.A" and "IN.B"). Otherwise a single letter or digit is chosen as best represents the data. (for example, Q for Quotient, R for Remainder, 3 for the 3rd interrupt source, X or the X coordinate)

Description Phrasing

The description can be up to 6 lines, each 33 characters long, with word wrapping. These are phrases used in the official puzzles.

Read (Input)

Write (Output)

Image Output

Read and Write



This was inspired by the work of bigalphillips on Reddit